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Providence Education'™s biweekly Newsletter includes news, activity, knowledge, information for the benefit of our member, alumni and clients.

Greetings!! From Providence Education Language Immersion Camp (PELIC)

Newsletter vol. 25
The student from Taiwan, Melissa Wong attends our English Immersion Program with Nurse Group VI.  She enjoyed the class very much and promised to bring her friends from Taiwan to study here very soon.
Newsletter vol. 25
Newsletter vol. 24
Miss Prangtip Sanjitt, a nurse from Chiangmai has joined our program and left to Christchurch in April.
Newsletter vol. 24
Newsletter vol. 23
We celebrated Songran Festival in the city camp.   
Newsletter vol. 23
Newsletter vol. 22
A new program for nurse Group VI. For those who want to go to work in New Zealand.
Newsletter vol. 22
Newsletter vol. 21
Closing English Summer Camp for summer 2010. Everybody leave the camp with many memoirs left behind. See you again next year !!!!
Newsletter vol. 21
Newsletter vol. 20
English Summer Camp, There are Mathayom students attend the one month course with English only at all time.     
Newsletter vol. 20
Newsletter vol. 19
Orientation day !!! 1 March 2010 the English Immersion Course started for the Nurse Group V at our City Camp.
Newsletter vol. 19
Newsletter vol. 18
Blake Hall College visited for the International cooperation meeting in Chiangmai.  In a very near future, we will have Blake Hall College, London – Chiangmai Campus.
Newsletter vol. 18
Newsletter vol. 17
Our nurse achieved nurses license, more nurses to NZ.   
Newsletter vol. 17
Newsletter vol. 16
Congratulations to our nurse who got a scholarship for Master and Ph.D
Newsletter vol. 16
Newsletter vol. 15
City camp Grand Opening
Newsletter vol. 15
Newsletter vol. 14
Program offer at City Camp.
Newsletter vol. 14
Newsletter vol. 13
Details of City Camp and photos.
Newsletter vol. 13
Newsletter vol. 12
Providence Education working with Doctor Health.
Newsletter vol. 12
Newsletter vol. 11
Providence Education on T.V. with Tao Kae and update news of City Camp construction.
Newsletter vol. 11
Newsletter vol. 10
Blake Hall College, London and news of two students on their way to Blake Hall.
Newsletter vol. 10
Newsletter vol. 9
New Zealand Nurse program seminar, programs offered for Thai nurse to work in NZ and USA.
Newsletter vol. 9

Newsletter vol. 8
A regulation of Englsih test from Nursing Council of New Zealand.
The interesting news on many Myanmar nurses is now working in Singapore
as part of the Government collaboration.

Newsletter vol. 8

Newsletter vol. 7
More and more people are interested to go to work in abroad where information is available.
Immersion camp for nurses is to start in September.
There is news on students to study and work in London.

Newsletter vol. 7

Newsletter vol. 6
What is Thai new generation should be?  Details of new challenged way in teaching English for Thais.  Next opening class schedule

Newsletter vol. 6

Newsletter Vol. 5
This issue has details of nurse programs in US, New Zealand and Australia.

Newsletter vol. 5

Newsletter Vol. 4
Photograph of recent seminar for nurse to work in NZ.  Details of new program for Thai nurse to work in US.

Newsletter vol. 4

Newsletter Vol. 3
World economic has affected some nurse programs as well as others career.  U.K. and Australia are amongst those.  Providence Education is moving to new development.

Newsletter vol. 3

Newsletter Vol. 2
Seminar news of nurse program to New Zealand.  Photographs of nurse group III at the airport.  They were on their way to further the study in New Zealand to become a registered nurse.

Newsletter vol. 2

Newsletter Vol. 1
Finally, the first issue of Providence Education Group’s newsletter is born again after a long break for year.  It is one page of news, easy to catch information, bi-weekly issue.  All issued are recorded in the website. 
This grand opening issue has shown the picture of English Immersion Camp group of nurses in Chiang Mai graduated and all of them are now in New Zealand.

Newsletter vol. 1


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Providence Education Language Immersion Camp (PELIC)
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74/3 Viengkaew Road, Tambon Sriphoom, Amphur Muang Chiangmai, 50200 Thailand
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Bangkok Office
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Asoke-Din Daeng Road, ย   Din Daeng,
Bangkok, 10400 Thailand
Tel. (662) 246 2463, 641 1084, (668) 6919 5513 ย   Fax. (662) 641 1448

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English Enrichment Program for Healthcare Assistant and to Work in New Zealand

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Learn and Earn in the United Kingdom
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